About Us

(Last updated 29/7/2019)

Are you concerned about a large sum of money on which you need good advice?

Our company "Mediates" with Investment Trusts, Open Ended Investment companies, "dated" UK Treasury stock, and term deposits providers. 

We offer a higly bespoke "holding your hand" person centred and relational  investment service. Our largest clients have been with us for up to 30 years.

Please see tabs "Guidance library" and "What to expect from our advice process" These only provide an overview of the issues.It is best that you have an initial without obligation chat. To organise this see tab "Inquiry"

24/7/Access to your valuations

Specialist administration companies "Ascentric"(owned by Royal London Life) and "Transact" (owned by public listed company Integrafin Holdings PLC) are the two main providers used for audit trail,on-line valuations,and statutory reporting.

Restrictions  We do not provide tax or legal advice but we take these very much into consideration when organising your investments working with your current advisers, or introducing you to appropriate specialists if required.

Our charges

Please look under tab "Your costs/Estimate/Client agreement." This sets out our terms and conditions and includes a cost calculation tool. If you insert the amount of funds that you are seeking us to advice you on the table will provide an estimate of not only our costs but other costs that could arise. We do not have sight of this, and you can print out before coming to see us. When you actually complete business the above administration companies will produce regular reports that confirm your actual charges

Personal Information

David and Frances Jebb set the company up in 1980, incorporating as a limited liability company in 1983. David is a "Chartered Financial planner," he retains a "Certificate of Professional Standing" issued by the "Professional Finance Society" based on submission of evidence of "Continuous Professional Development."

The company is regulated directly by the Financial Conduct Authority, covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme, and there is a complaints proceedure with access to the Financial Ombudsman Service if required. 

Contact us

David, or Jill (his PA) can be contacted at the office (see below) by telephone 02891826767,  (answering service 24/7) or by using the "Inquiry" tab. 


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