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(Last updated 8/7/2020)

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Forward Financial Planning Ltd is based in Northern Ireland which uniquely is part of the single EU market while remaining part of the UK.The company was established in 1983, is entirely owned by my wife and self, directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme, and operating a "Complaints process" with access to the Financial Ombudsman should this be necessary.

I am classified as a Chartered Financial Planner due to examinations passed and experience. I provide "Restricted Advice" because I do not for example currently offer Mortgages or Equity Release,  "Exchange traded funds", "Viatical settlements" or "Structured products". My principal area of interest is Investment Trusts. If appropriate I will introduce the client to an "Independent Financial Adviser." My process is totally client centred built around cashflow planning and then applying Investments trusts and Cash deposits in a proportion that the client and I agree reflects their manifestation of attitude to risk and capacity for loss.

My approach to business is deeply impacted by my conviction that Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah and the manifestation of God as a man. Nobody denies Jesus lived in Israel 2000 years ago but many cannot get their heads around the belief (which I hold) that Jesus rose from the dead and will return to the earth as part of a plan which pre-dates creation in which God motivated by His love will provide a new earth based on His values of Righteousness Justice  and Fairness.This is not just wishful thinking. Jesus resurrection made such an impact (normal people do not rise from the dead) that by the 4th century there were thousands of writings copied from records made either by followers of Jesus or those close to them.The Roman elite (the world leaders at the time) abandoned worship of the gods, made "Christianity" the world religion and along with the church leaders compiled the first Bible in Latin, the Vulgate.The oldest Latin version is retained at the Vatican and copies of the earlier Greek writings dated 150 - 200 AD are held by the British Musuem, the National library of St Petersburg and the Chester Beatty Library in Dublin.Unfortunately the church has often treated the Bible as an icon and acquiesced to literal mistransalations that have contributed to a current misinformed world view that the Bible is an ancient myth disproved by science. Actually because the Bible is a combination of Jewish writings which pre-dated Jesus and "Memoirs of the Apostles" - that explain evidence for this exciting "Hope" can be found by careful reading of the  Jewish prophetic writings - the "Old Testament and comparing with the "Memoirs of the Apostles"written after Jesus rose from the dead- the New Testament. See search bar "Right Just Fair" and google Nina Simone singing her classic  "Theres a new world coming",about  the return of Jesus to this earth.One of the Apostles (Paul)  has written "In Him (Christ) you also after listeninjg to the message of truth, the gospel (good news) of your salvation- having also believed you were sealed in Him with the Holy Spirit of promise.(Ephesians 1v13)    You can mean You reading this now!  

My take on the Coroonavirus crisis.

There have been previous "Pandemics" Cholera, Bubonic plague, Smallpox,Spanish flu.Remedies were found.The book of Revelation speaks of these things as inevitable as the world "Groans for the return of the Creator", however as also predicted in Revelation the financial system will become ever more tricky.In October 2018 Jerome Powell (USA Central Bank) announced  a "normalisation" of interest rates yet in the first half of 2020 the UK Treasury was able to attract investors with negative interest rates! This is evidence that thus far the authorities have been powerless to achieve the stated target. Forecasts of the worst depression in 300 years have been further downgraded by Gita Gopinath chief economist IMF predicting that in 2020 the world economy will shrink by 4.9% with UK Government debt to exceed levels attained during the second world war.Britian's economy lost a record 25.1% in April alone.(6.8% decline 2008 financial crisis when Lehman Brothers went bankrupt)In the Capital markets according to S&P Global ratings 119 companies have defaulted on their debt so far this year , highest since 2009.Nationwide's house price index down 0.1% in June having increased 1.8% in May. 

Chancellor Sunak is promising loan facilities for dynamic new business start ups, special development zones.Recent USA employment data has been better than expected although they appear to be having to revert to "lockdown"in some States.The furlough scheme continues until October, the government re-opening business (against medical advice,Leicester back into "lockdown")Haldane Chief economist BOE thinks BOE stimulus should stop, "the deepest recession in hundreds of years is now ancient history", he wants interest rates 1% higher. We have an American election looming,a developing "black lives matter campaign" economies slowing, increasing protectionism, trade wars, and potentially a "no deal " BREXIT on 1st January 2021, we should know better by October.Central Banks are "printing" vast sums to buy "debt" so creating "demand"  to enable Governments to borrow vast sums.(BOE holds £435bn of government debt,Uk gov estimated borrowing £275bn April to August)  The Germans and French are pushing to execute borrowing at an EU  level with greater EU fiscal union.The German Constitutional Court threatened to block  the purchase of German bonds by the ECB,a compromise seems likely, but news that Germany's defence minister will dissolve part of the country's special forces to counter a rising trend of rightwing extremism adds another layer of intrigue.

What you should do.

If you are moving into retirement, or perhaps are for the first time having to deal with a lump sum due to a bereavement have a look at search bar  "What to expect from our advice service" then you can use the contact link or the answering service below.My office is "Coronavirus compliant!" Photographs below show client's view of me from their position at a six foot plus board room table,the security gates and isolated position of the office.Under "Contact" (see search bar) photogragh to show how a client group is distanced from me! Currently most existing clients prefer advice meetings by "Skype"or we can just have an initial chat by telephone - the choice is yours.     


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