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David Jebb ACII Chartered Financial Planner set up business on a self employed basis in 1980, and incorporated as Forward Financial Planning Ltd in 1983. Most of our current  clients have been with us for many years, (some from 1980) but we welcome the ocassional new client, who tends to be very successful, with a wife without much financial planning interest but where both appreciate a highly personalised service. The deal is that both both partners agree to attend an annual advice meeting. Clients typically have investments £250,000 to £2,500,000

We provide 24/7 internet access to portfolio valuations but only open our offices to facilitate pre-agreed client advice meetings, so some weeks the office may be open five days, others not, the service is driven by the clients' needs. Our office telephones link to our mobiles to receive messages so our clients enjoy easy access (no telephone queues).

You can make an enquiry by phoning 028 91826767 Should the office not be manned you can either leave a brief message or use the "details we need to know from you" see sidebar to left. David or Jill can message an appropriate response to your mobile.

If you prefer you can also learn more of our advice process by viewing sidebar to left- "What to expect from our advice process" or should you wish to obtain some relevant background information on your area of interest before contacting us you can  check in to our Guidance Library see sidebar to left, no obligation to you - updated at our cost.

Our Charges

Each client pays a minimum monthly retainer of £150, and additional charges on portfolios over £180,000, unless they become "non advised "  where there is a reduced retainer of £50 per month.

For a personalised estimate See sidebar to (left and above) - "Your Costs/Estimate/Client agreement"

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