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Forward Financial Planning Ltd is a family business based in Co Down, incorporated 1983. We have indicated where we are different to many other advisers with an *

Our clients tend to be aged 50+ with investments over £250,000. *We have a panel of investment trusts which we combine  with "insured accounts" to create a portfolio appropriate to your attitude to risk and capacity for loss. The client can view  the value of their portfolio on line 24/7. We review ongoing suitability at an annual client advice meeting.

If required *we hold the necessary Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) specialist permission to arrange long term care insurances and we also have FCA *permission to advise on pension transfers from final salary pensions,- although our view is  that such an action is unlikely to be appropriate for transfers under £1,000,000.

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Our Charges

Unlike many advisers *we do not offer contingent charging- This is where an adviser fee is only paid if the client accepts the advice provided. Our view is this creates a conflict of interest between the client and adviser. *We provide a guidance library (at our expense) to empower the client to become informed on their area of interest and make their own arrangements avoiding adviser charges. If you decide to beome our advised client you can be assured that our advice will be appropriate as are our charges. All Advised clients pay an initial charge determined on the complexity of the work, a minimum monthly retainer of £150, and additional charges on portfolios over £180,000.After the first mediation year you can become non advised basis at a reduced retainer of £50 per month.

Currently we cap our charges on portfolios over £1.6M.

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How you become our "Advised client"

Before we provide advice we ask you to confirm that you are in agreement with the terms of our "Client agreement"

(see above) and will ask you to provide personal information by completing a "fact find". We can organise someone to help you complete this if you require.

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*Personal service is very important to us, so if you would like in the first instance to obtain further information without obligation you can message David Jebb at 07802 896382

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David Jebb ACII (Chartered Financial Planner)


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