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(Last updated 9/8/2020)

I am a Chartered Financial Planner. My company Forward Financial Planning Ltd is based in Northern Ireland, uniquely part of the single EU market but part of the UK.The company was established in 1983, is owned by my wife and self, directly authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority,(FCA) covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme, and operating a "Complaints process" with access to the Financial Ombudsman should this be necessary.

If you need advice on dealing with a large lump sum because you have suffered a bereavement , planning to retire , down sizing or having to pay for long term care why not ask me to email you a FREE detailed explanation of my current investment strategy either by using the search bar or telephone number below. 

You can check what you could be getting on your cash deposits by clicking on Cash Management (see search bar) This service is kept up to date by our research partner "Deposit Sense" FREE to you (at my cost) and I can also provide a personalised report. I will quote my fee when I know how much is involved.This part of the service is not regulated by FCA and does not organise the investments.

My office is spacious (see search bar "contact") to allow social distancing, advice meetings can be by "Skype"or we can have an initial chat by telephone - the choice is yours.     


David Jebb -telephone 02891826767 (answering service 24/7 messages relaid to my mobile phone )



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