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Forward Financial Planning Ltd is a small family business. We incorporated in 1983.

We maintain a panel of investment trusts and will recommend appropriate investments you should buy, sell or hold to create a portfolio bespoke to you. (The regulator describes this as a "bundled package of investment components").We are not the portfolio managers, we mediate between the client and the investment trusts.The advice process is designed meet the regulatory requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority. 

See sidebar to left- "What to expect from our advice process"

Our Charges

We charge advised clients a minimum monthly retainer of £150, and additional charges on portfolios over £180,000.

Currently we cap our charges on portfolios over £1.6M

See sidebar to left - "Your Costs/Estimate/Client agreement"

How you become our "Advised client"

Before we provide advice we ask you to confirm that you are in agreement with the terms of our "Client agreement"

(see above) and provide personal information.

See sidebar to left - "Survey Application"

Personal service is very important to us, so if you would like in the first instance to have an informal without obligation chat please contact Anne (my PA) Monday to Thursday 9.00AM -4.45PM  02891826767

David Jebb ACII (Chartered Financial Planner)


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