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(Last updated 6/5/2020)

Please note I am still open for business, although strictly by appointment. I appreciate anyone considering investing a large sum of money may well want an initial "face to face". Fortunately my office sits in a very quiet  rural situation behind "sensor gates" (see pictures below) so face to face meetings can be safely held on a "one to one" (no handshakes) with a six foot plus board room table between the client and me. Since the outset of the crisis I have offered advice meetings by "Skype"  and these have worked extremely well. Even clients without previous "Skype" experience have found it very simple  and good fun to get "set up" with the assistance of tech savy grandchildren. During the current crisis all messages left on my extension at 02891826767 are being copied to my mobile phone, so it is very easy to make contact from the safety of your home, with the knowledge that I will not visit! 

In October 2018 Jerome Powell (USA Central Bank) announced a "normalisation" of interest rates- and markets began to rapidly fall in capital value. In early 2019 the policy to "normalise" was abandoned and markets began equally rapidly to again increase in value. 2019 was  good year for risk takers, then we had "Coronavirus"

In 2020 there have been sharp falls in the markets with partial recovery, so far the defensive strategies I advised in 2019 have proved timely sheltering my clients  in the current uncertainty.

There have been previous "Pandemics" (widespread occurence of disease) examples are Cholera, Bubonic plague, Smallpox,Spanish flu and even influenza was initially a mass killer. It is impossible to know exactly how we will emerge from "lock down"  but I suspect that until an "injection"  is found people of my age and above will continue to be very careful against a virus against which there is no immunity and can kill.

My current investment strategy remains to advise extreme caution so investments are being made with the emphasis on capital protection. However at some point I will again be advising reinvestment in some of the investment trusts which have delivered such good results over the last 10 years and also looking at fresh ideas which may benefit from the new opportunities which I believe will emerge. 

We still have an American election looming, economies were allready slowing and trade wars allready threatening.The current "big idea" is to start printing money to be used directly to fund government expenditure.I suspect the Germans believe this will  be inflationary with the German Constitutional Court threatening to block  the purchase of German bonds through the European Central Banks stimulus programme, potentially weakening the bloc's ability to use monetary policy in response to the economic slump being predicted by many in the press.

I think that with contiuing development of technology and support from some of the smartest investment managers that I can continue to offer a highly bespoke investment advice proposition  and am always delighted to make  new friends!



Forward Financial Planning Ltd has been established since 1983 and is entirely owned by my wife and self. We are directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme and have a complaints proceedure with access to the Financial Ombudsman service. 


David Jebb -telephone 02891826767 (answering service 24/7)



Personal Information

David  Jebb is a "Chartered Financial planner." He retains a "Certificate of Professional Standing" issued by the "Professional Finance Society" based on submission of evidence of "Continuous Professional Development."


Personal Conviction

David believes  "Jesus the Christ"  is the "Word of God" and in an uncertain world GOD is our only certainty.This impacts how the company is run- see tab "Right Just Fair"



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