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(Last updated 31/3/2020)

During the current crisis messages left on my extension are being copied to my mobile phone. 

In October 2018 Jerome Powell (USA Central Bank) announced a "normalisation" of interest rates- and markets began to rapidly fall in capital value. In early 2019 the policy to "normalise" was abandoned and markets began equally rapidly to again increase in value. 2019 was  good year for risk takers, then we had "Coronovirus"

However we still have an American election looming, economies were allready slowing and trade wars allready threatening.

The current "big idea" is to start printing money to be used directly to fund government expenditure.I suspect this will be inflationary and if so the real value of deposit accounts could be destroyed 

If you agree with my thinking please contact me so that we might discuss if I can help build a financial plan for you

Our company stands as mediators between you the retail customer Closed Investment Companies (Investment Trusts), Open Ended Investment Companies, Dated UK Treasury stock, and Insured Deposit Providers.Very simply  we offer 11 risk graded portfolios, 100% insured funds (grade 0) to 100% at risk (not insured funds grade 10)Our portfolios are built after in depth analysis of your life goals expressed in cash flow planning with capacity for loss tests for which we are responsible.

We are directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme and have a complaints proceedure with access to the Financial Ombudsman service. 


telephone 02891826767 (answering service 24/7)



Personal Information

David and Frances Jebb set the company up in 1980, incorporating as a limited liability company in 1983. David is a "Chartered Financial planner." He retains a "Certificate of Professional Standing" issued by the "Professional Finance Society" based on submission of evidence of "Continuous Professional Development."


Personal Conviction

David believes  "Jesus the Christ"  is the "Word of God" and in an uncertain world GOD is our only certainty.This impacts how the company is run- see tab "Right Just Fair"



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