What to expect from our Advice Process

Step one

The first step of a process we follow as recommended by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is to establish and define the relationship.

As our advice service is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority the relationship is defined in a document called "the client agreement" This document can be viewed on this website at "Your Costs Estimate/ Client Agreement"

Once the client agreement is signed the client is described as an "advised client" for a "mediation period" of 12 months.

Mediation means that we carry out work on behalf of the client with various financial institutions.  


Step two


To gather your data we use a tool on this website called "survey application." If you were doing building work to your home you would probably obtain a professional survey to establish what work is needed. Think of this stage as the Forward Financial Planning professional survey to establish what work is needed so that we can get to stage 5,(below) executing the buys/ sells that are right for you.  

Whilst the "application for cash needs report" can be completed online once completed we ask you to print and post to us by registered post. This is advised to protect your personal data.

If you would like help to gather the data/ complete the application this can be arranged for you, please contact us with your requirements.

To check our permissions to handle sensitive data go to the public register

In the website click on "Search Register" Copy and paste our unique reference Z4839152 and you should be able to view our authorisation.If you experience any difficulty please let us know.

Step three

The analysis and evaluation is carried out by a Chartered Financial Planner

Step four

Stage 4 is carried out by a face to face meeting with the client and a Chartered  Financial Planner.

It is always recommended to involve the clients spouse in the meeting. By the end of the meeting the client should be informed of the actions that need to be taken. Minutes are normally issued within 24 hours of the advice meeting.


Step five


We execute your buys and sells.

Documents of title in respect of your investment(s) will either be posted to you or can be viewed on your designated administrators website to be printed to your home printer as you require.

  • We issue your detailed written Forward Financial Plan.
  • Your plan includes reasons for advice.
  • Manifests your Attitude to Risk in a very easy to understand chart/ records our capacity for loss test.
  • Highlight buys/sells completed as at time of issue.
  • Execution of all investments buys/sells as agreed can include:
    • phased buying to average the buying price.
    • offers at below market price to take opportunity of price weakness.

Step six

Step six normally takes place 12 months after you first sign your client agreement. Following a number of weeks preparation the client is invited to attend an advice meeting for the purpose of monitoring and reviewing the clients forward financial plan, how the client has found the experience and to determine what further steps are required.


If  the client does not wish to attend the annual advice meeting the client is re-categorised as unadvised