Our process to provide advice bespoke to you

Your bespoke plan

Your forward financial plan will be uniquely designed with the objective that you will have sufficient money to achieve your desired quality of life until you are aged 100




The Benchmark to measure the success of your plan is the forward cashflow projection agreed and provided to you at your previous annual advice meeting.




Diversification of investments to reduce risk is achieved by categorising funds we recommend as either "Insured" (Investors Compensation scheme) or  "Not  Insured" Easy access, tied up, or potentially illiquid,- could be hard to access your capital at times of financial stress.  

We describe the portfolio we build for you as manifesting your risk profile by the percentage of the portfolio "Not Insured"  Example 10  means 100% of the portfolio "Not Insured" 0 means 100% of the portfolio is "Insured"

We research “Investment trusts” (Not  Insured) which make their money by investing in  UK and overseas companies and in commercial property. The last 10 years have given exceptional performance but history has taught that there are times of world economic crisis, examples 1825, 1929 to 1939, 1987, 2007 to 2009.

We research "Insured Products" eg Bank Deposits and UK "Dated"  treasury stock.



Your Capacity for loss

As explained above the ratio of "Insured to "Not insured components" is an easy may to understand how your portfolio  "Manifests your Attitude to Risk."

We carry out your "Capacity for loss " simulating the impact of a 50% fall in the stock market and how this could impact your ability to maintain your desired quality of life whilst not runniong out of money by age 100.

Meeting our Regulatory requirements

We believe the above process demonstrates that we take reasonable steps to ensure that a personal recommendation or decision to trade is suitable for our customer.

Unlike many other advisers we do not use third party tools including "Stochastic modelling" aiming to estimate the impact of investment correlation using what is described as "Modern Portfolio Theory" The theory first devised by Harry Markowitz in 1952 is no longer  Modern"  builds on past performance which our regulator says should not be taken as a guide for the future and in my opinion creates an illusion. Perhaps I am influenced by the prophecy of eventual financial collapse in Revelation 18! 

We believe our process makes it simple for the customer to understand the level of risk he is taking, and our insistence that a client is reclassified as "unadvised"  should they fail to attend the annual advice meeting which includes capacity for loss re-testing makes it clear that we all need to face and adapt to the changes life brings.

A good result from the annual advice meeting is that the client continues to understand what we are telling him (or her) that risks are understood and accepted, or changes made to personal objectives. 


Resetting your course

When an aeroplane pilot sets a course from Dublin to New York he knows there will be adjustments to be made during the flight. In order that your investment planning can be re-set when appropriate each  year we ask you to attend an annual advice meeting. 
-we are continually evaluating “Investment trusts” on our buy list and whilst changes are occasional when they occur it will be for a good reason and we need to discuss advice on advisability on holding/selling products.
-new opportunities are continually arising and when I feel I can identify these I may wish to advise you to add to your portfolio.
-the advice meeting provides the opportunity to react to changes in your circumstances and recommend appropriate actions as your situation requires. 

False Hope

False hope describes people who "put their head in the sand" and do not face up to the implications of avoiding making necessary changes. I believe it is best that you attend the annual advice meeting, but if you do not wish to attend an advice meeting you will be reclassified as a "non-advised" client and our charges will be reduced to a  minimum retainer of £50 per month plus £40 per instruction to buy/sell that you give us. If subsequently you agree to attend the advice meetings and take our advice we will re-classify you as our "advised client" with our normal fees payable-(see "Client agreement")