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We are a Northern Ireland based Financial Adviser company regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) established since  1983 by David and Frances Jebb - the owners and directors.

David was one of the first advisers in the UK to be awarded Chartered Financial Planner status, his experience and expertise in financial services officially acknowledged.

What differentiates us can benefit you!

(i)Our mission statement is our vision statement and our ethos "Right Just Fair"

(ii)Our emphasis is not on quick profit for us, although we are profitable and we significantly exceed the minimum standards set by the FCA. You might think "We would say that", well actions speak louder than words, - see our offer of three service levels:

(a)Pre-advice  guidance services, become empowered by access to our comprehensive and regularly updated library, receive comprehensive updates after "budget days" a  quarterly newsletter and  weekly financial updates - all direct to your email account.   Only £50 per annum;sign up now at

(b)Use our advised service, for mediation periods of 12 months, annual advice meetings, access to our manager research**, portfolios built that precisely manifest your attitude to risk,* and your written forward financial plan. Initial "survey charge" up to 3% of portfolio subject to minimum  £395, monthly retainer £150. At the end of the mediation period we invoice 0.96% of funds under our influence less the retainer, - if funds under £180,000 nothing further to pay us. Please see to left "Your costs estimate/client agreement," this is an online tool to help you obtain an estimate of total charges or also see left submit "application for future cash needs report". If you submit this with a payment of £395 we can prepare "cash needs" report, -an overview of the work which would be required to put your affairs in good order, and depending on the complexity whether any further intial charges are required.

(c)After using our advised service you can remain advised (most clients choose this) however you can switch to unadvised/non advised. You will not receive advice  but you will benefit from online valuations , annual statements, non advised execution of your investment instructions. Charge £50 per month plus £40 per execution instruction accepted.

(iii)*Attitude to Risk

All you investments are classified by whether or not they are "insured"  and ease of access,eg

Portfolio (i)   Portfolio (ii)
7% insured easy access   20% insured easy access
18% insured tied up 60%  insured tied up 
40% not insured easy access   15% not insured easy access
35% not insured potentially illiquid. 5% not insured potentially illiquid.


Portfolio (i) with our risk descriptions manifests a higher attitude to risk than portfolio (ii). Our clients love the transparent logic empowering you to determine how much risk you are prepared to take to maximise potential income and capital growth. Please note we use cashflow calculations to test your manifestation of attitude to risk  for "capacity for loss" and will use the test results to advise you if  you should either increase or reduce risk in your portfolio.

(iv)**We do our own fund manager research at no extra charge

(v)Unlike most advisers we do not recommend exchange traded funds, because we are fearful of the potential for loss to the client.

(vi)We also do not advise on structured products which we believe are of greatest benefit to the big financial institutions, not our client! We can provide similar protections using our simple approach  to manifestation of attitude to risk.

(vii)Long term care. We believe "equity release" should only be used as a last resource. Equity release is effectively taking on a mortgage at expensive rates in old age. This does  not sit easily with our ethos, we believe families do not understand these plans eat up potential inheritances. We hold a licence from the FCA  to advise on specialist long term care insurances. Using cash flow modelling we can design a bespoke combination  of long  term care insurance and investment with the objective of providing superior solutions to benefit all the family. As we operate on a fee basis 100% of the significant commission on long term care insurance is rebated back to reduce the cost to the client when the product is recommended. 


Due to the above conviction based exclusions (v,vi,vii,) also because we do not advise on mortgages we describe ourselves as "Restricted advisers."

(ix)Our offices are in a private estate yet within the town boundary of Newtownards, access via Golden Glen Road.All advice meetings are by prior appointment 02891826767 – normal office hours for admin support 9-1 2-5 Monday to Thursday.

(x)We have facilities for "online meetings" when required

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