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(Last updated 22/8/2019)

Our company mediates with Investment Trusts, Open Ended Investment Companies, Dated UK Treasury stock, and Insured Deposit Providers.

We are directly regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, covered by the Financial Services Compensation scheme and have a complaints proceedure with access to the Financial Ombudsman service. 

Examples of our bespoke person focused advice.

Utilizing your tax free personal "savings allowance" of £1,000(£500 for high rate tax payers, 0 for additional rate tax payers) How? We invest £34,000 in a fund targeting 2.9% income from investment grade"qualifying interest producing assets"  (£34,000@ 2.9% =£986- potentially TAX FREE)

Obtaining  a higher income than from an annuity but afraid of the current investment uncertainty.We provide a personal analysis of annuity v drawdown projected growth at 0.5% (lower risk) v projected growth at 5% and provide a personal strategy. (Only possible if you have not yet purchased an annuity) Please see tab "Guidance library"/ article Pensions freedom.This provides back ground. View other areas we can advise on.


To obtain more information in a manners that suits you see tab "Inquiry"


telephone 02891826767 (answering service 24/7)


Legal stuff.

Please look under tab "Your costs/Estimate/Client agreement." This sets out our terms and conditions and includes a cost calculation tool. If you insert the amount of funds that you are seeking us to advise you on the table will provide an estimate of not only our costs but other costs that could arise. When you actually complete business our service providers produce reports in compliance with regulatory requirements which confirm all charges

Personal Information

David and Frances Jebb set the company up in 1980, incorporating as a limited liability company in 1983. David is a "Chartered Financial planner." He retains a "Certificate of Professional Standing" issued by the "Professional Finance Society" based on submission of evidence of "Continuous Professional Development."

David believes  Jesus is the "Word of God." This impacts how the company is run- see tab "Right Just Fair"



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