Client Recommendations / Referrals

Commenting on the commencement of his private pension income.

"Really happy and pleased that I got 50% more than I was expecting".

A.M. North Antrim (retired police officer)

When asked what she thought of our financial planning service, Helen, and
her husband, who have been clients for over 20 years, said:

"It makes me feel safe."


"David Jebb has advised on buying and selling investment funds for my wife and I both before and since my retirement in 2000."

At an early stage I jokingly said I wanted to have over a million invested and this has been achieved! We receive a very personal ongoing service with a very efficient administration back up, help with completing forms etc."

Retired Police Superintendent

After we came home yesterday Peter was in good form and said 2 or 3 times that we had a very good meeting with Mr. Jebb.

"Peter has had a lifetime of being suspicious of Financial Advisers but in the last 3 years Mr. Jebb has been slowly changing that perception."

Unsolicited email from Peter's wife used with permission.
Name changed for privacy reasons.

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